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Acumulamos más de 25 años de experiencia ofreciendo el servicio de auditoría. Somos expertos en asesoramiento fiscal, mercantil y contable.
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servicios-sin-animo-verdeFinancial obligations for non-profit entities

We stand out for specialising in servicing different agencies and public and non-profit entities, as an example:

1. Audit on justification of expenses for subsidies

Public Entities that grant subsidies are increasingly requiring the submission of an auditor’s report certifying that the subsidised costs are authentic and necessary for the activity being financed.


Auditing has extensive experience in the preparation and drafting of these reports:

  • Review of the subsidised expenses.
  • Analysis of the regulations applied to the subsidy.
  • Verification of the parameters established for the subsidy.
  • Issuance of the Special Review Report for Justified Expenses.
2. Financial audits

Conducting mandatory audits for foundations in accordance with the requirements established by Law 50/2002 on foundations and volunteers for any non-profit entity. Audits for receiving certain subsidies from public bodies (experimental programmes in regard to occupation, ICEX, Social Welfare).

3. Preparation of budgets and action plans

Economic-financial consulting. Preparation of Action plan for foundations, Treasury status, settlement of budgets and presentation of periodic financial statements.

4. Compliance audit

Compliance audit involves verifying or evaluating financial, administrative, economic and other similar operations in order to establish that the processes have been carried out in accordance with the legal and statutory regulations and procedures that apply.


Our firm specialises in this process, basing ourselves on our experience in tax, corporate and accounting consulting as well as working with non-profit entities, specifically foundations and associations.


Specialisation occurs from two perspectives: academic and professional.


In academia, the partners of the firm, professors at the University of Barcelona, have directed research studies in Foundation tax process, teaching Master’s Degrees and other postgraduate courses and giving conferences about the third sector.


Our introduction to the professional field was consulting for more than twenty associations in the food sector.


Subsequent to this, our expertise was directed towards entities which assisted the physically and mentally disabled and health and scientific foundations as well as NGOs.

5. Civil

Advice on the constitution of foundations and associations. Registration in public records. Obtaining the declaration of public utility for associations. Changes of employers and members of the Boards of Directors.

6. Fiscal
The special regime established in Ley 49/2002 on non-profit entities and on tax incentives for patronage, for foundations and associations declared to be of public utility. Request for application of the special regime. Elaboration of the justification report. Advice on corporation tax for partially exempt entities and in the different regimes of Value Added Tax.
7. Labour

We carry out the payrolls of Foundations and associations and advise on the application of agreements, dismissals, records of employment regularization and conciliation proceedings in CEMAC.

auditoria-verde Account audits

We provide companies and organisations, both public and private, with access to a team of experienced professionals who can offer different types of audit services including:


1. Mandatory audit of financial statements

An audit requires procedures to obtain audited evidence regarding the amounts and information disclosed in the financial statements. The procedures selected depend on the auditor’s judgement, including the assessment of risks from material inaccuracy in the financial statements because of fraud or error. In making those risk assessments, the auditor considers any internal controls relevant to the preparation of the accounts by the entity in order to design audit procedures that are appropriate in light of the circumstances, and not with the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the entity’s internal control. An audit also evaluates the appropriateness of the applied accounting policies and the reasonableness of any accounting estimates made by management, in addition to evaluating the overall presentation of the financial statements taken as a whole.


The audit of financial statements is mandatory when, two of the following three limits are exceeded over two consecutive years:

  • Turnover €5,700,000.
  • Total assets €2,850,000.
  • More than 50 workers.
2. Voluntary audit of financial statements

Many companies currently have financial needs; when these companies request assistance from financial institutions, they must provide those institutions with their financial information. Financial institutions require that information to be reviewed by an auditor, so audits do become necessary, even if the company has not exceeded any of the above limits.


On the other hand, in those cases where the funding partner is not obviously part of the company, an audit of the financial statements is recommended in order to verify the accuracy of the financial information received.

3. Audit of financial statements

An audit of the financial statements refers to the revision of a single financial statement and not the full annual accounts, either by legal obligation or necessity of the partners.

4. Limited review

A limited review includes examining the accounting results, formulating certain questions to the representatives of the entity and carrying out certain analytical and other review processes, providing a relative certainty to the veracity of the information subject to review, that is, validating that such information is error free.

5. Legal audit (commissioned by the courts)

Sometimes the appointment of an auditor comes directly from the Courts, in these cases the procedures applied are the same as those of a financial statements audit, although the purpose differs.

6. Special mandatory reports, provided for in corporate law

In corporate law there are several situations in which an auditor report is requested, these situations are usually capital movements.

7. Special reports for agreed procedures

At present special reports for agreed procedures are carried out by an accounts auditor; this is not, by definition, an accounts audit, even though these reports have to be issued by auditors registered with the Official Register of Auditors, such as, reports requested by ECOEMBES.

Is an audit mandatory for you?


Mandatory financial statements audit: this audit is mandatory if, for two consecutive years, two of the following three limits are exceeded:


Turnover 5.700.000€ | Total assets 2.850.000€ | More than 50 workers.

asesoria-fiscal-verdeFiscal and tax consultancy

Our experienced specialists offer coverage in fiscal and taxation content. The interconnection between our auditing and tax areas means we can provide these services in an integrated manner.

1. Tax planning for companies and individuals

Auditing has focused for many years on the necessary expertise of its professionals. The professionals who make up our tax department have extensive professional experience and reputation in the sector. This enables the company to implement, for the benefit of its customers, the best possible analysis of their tax situation in, addition to the most optimal approach to planning.


Our services in this area include:

  1. Both company and individual tax planning operations.
  2. Expatriation and impatriation for employees and directors. Identification of efficient tax payment mechanisms.
  3. Carrying out the aforementioned actions in coordination with other company departments specialised in other areas, essential for the successful completion of the proposed restructuring operations.
2. International tax planning

Auditing has offices in Paris and is part of a consolidated international network, Lawrope, which allows us to guarantee the international structure of our customers’ operations. With extensive experience in giving comprehensive consultation on international taxation, we offer our clients advice on:

  • Purchasing operations, joint ventures, analysis and identification of the best structure for investments, etc.
  • Expatriation of employees and directors. Identification of efficient tax payment mechanisms.
  • Carrying out these actions in coordination with other company departments specialised in international issues.
3. Representation before the tax authorities for inspection and tax management activities

Our services in this area include:

•    Assistance and representation in tax collection procedures:
– Request for deferral and instalment payments of tax debts.
– Opposition to coercive procedures.
– Embargoes.
– Administrative auctions.
– Establish guarantees to suspend the tax debt.
– Returns of undue income.
– Etc.

•    Assistance and representation tax inspection procedures for, individuals, self-employed workers and companies.
Our specialists’ knowledge in areas of these types of procedures, ensures that the result of the actions undertaken by the Administration will be as successful as possible.
In our experience, the complexity and impact that may result from these procedures means that the support given by our professionals at all stages is essential.

4. Advice on the tax authority's chosen criteria

Our team of lawyers who specialise in taxes have extensive experience in the development of procedures and cases bought before the courts. In order for a company or individual to make the best decision regarding moving forward or not with a procedure of this kind, a preliminary analysis of the case by our professionals is essential.


Auditing does not continue with processes it deems cannot be successful, and informs the client at all times on the feasibility of its application.


Today, according to statistics from the Tax Administration, the majority of procedures raised by taxpayers before courts, are successful.

5. Preparation and advice on all kinds of tax returns (residents and non-residents)

Auditing can help you with any questions that may arise from completing any tax returns, both for residents and non-residents.

gestio-empresas-verdesFinancial services

The scope of business is increasingly changing; these days, management must give more than a simple evaluation and risk assessment to comply with their responsibility for good governance, especially because of the current economic crisis.

1.Internal audit, risk assessment reports and internal control

An internal control system is the set of mechanisms, systems, procedures and standards that ensure sound and efficient management of the company. Our goal is to help businesses detect and prevent risks by analysing all their established internal control procedures and assessing whether they are sufficient or need to be improved.

2. Due Diligence

Due Diligence is a potential buyer’s critical examination and thorough review process of a company, with the owner’s explicit consent, to ascertain the accuracy of the information provided in the negotiations so an informed view on the actual situation of the company concerned can be determined. It can be done with varying degrees of depth and cover a variety of areas (financial, legal, tax, labour, etc.)


The main purpose of Due Diligence is to reduce transaction risks by providing the buyer with an independent and detailed assessment of the business and reviewing the possible existence of hidden liabilities or contingencies in all areas under study or review.

3. Valoración de empresas

We all take for granted that before buying or selling any item, no matter how small and/or ordinary it is, we must first have a reference price that will allow us to assess whether the supply/demand that is being offered is viable or beyond our reach.

To this, we must add the current economic reality where words and deeds such as growth, synergies, internationalisation, etc. have increased operations that, until only a decade ago were unusual in our country – such as the sale of companies, mergers, transfers of branches or businesses or others similar characteristics. These activities are carried out by applying the aforementioned criteria of knowing a reference price to allow us to start negotiating; appraisals of companies have become increasingly necessary and have taken on a significant relevance in these operations.

The service we offer aims to use our team of auditors’ and economists’ extensive technical expertise and professional experience in order to:

  1. Choose that method best suited to the characteristics of the property/business under appraisal.
  2. Inform any person and/or company of the value of that property/business.
  3. Provide objective figures, thereby avoiding unrealistic market expectations.
4. Feasibility plan

We have a specialised team who carry out:

  • Individualised studies on the economic and financial viability of any possible Business Investment Project.
  • Studies on the economic and financial viability of company restructuring, downsizing or refloating projects.
5. Debt restructuring

Debt restructuring is a process which modifies the terms of a financial commitment, usually the deadlines and interest rates.


When a person, company or country has difficulty or is unable to meet their commitments, they can try to restructure their debt. The debt can be restructured by mutual agreement between the debtor and the creditor; when this happens, the debt is restructured to avoid debtor default or bankruptcy.


In other cases, for example, when interest rates decrease, the debtor can take out a new loan (at a lower rate) to cancel the original debt (at a higher rate), thus the debtor benefits from the new low interest rate. The new debt may be owed to the original lender or a new lender. The deadline may also be modified, it can be extended. La reestructuración de la deuda es un proceso mediante el cual se modifican los términos de un compromiso financiero, usualmente el plazo y la tasa de interés. En otros casos, por ejemplo, ante la baja de la tasa de interés, el deudor puede obtener un nuevo préstamo (a una tasa más baja) para cancelar la deuda original (a una tasa más elevada), de esta forma, el deudor se beneficia ante la baja en la tasa de interés. La nueva deuda puede ser contraída con el acreedor original o con un nuevo acreedor. También se puede modificar el plazo, extendiendo el mismo.

6. Insolvency proceedings

Currently many companies are forced to file for bankruptcy, the purpose of this extreme measure is to reach agreements with all its suppliers and creditors in order to properly manage their debts.

For this process to be successful, a good Feasibility Plan and cash forecast is needed; they are sometimes both difficult to draw up.

We are experts in drafting these documents through the information collected from the company.

7. Receivership

Auditing’s specialist team stand out because of their extensive experience in managing receiverships and bankruptcy processes in companies.


Our professionals participate as Court Auditors in insolvency procedures or as Trustees in bankruptcy proceedings, foreclosure of shares, company receiverships and expert reports.

8. Economic, accounting and financial consulting

Our economic, accounting and financial advisory services assist businesses in improving their performance by optimising the efficiency and effectiveness of their business management, resulting in an improvement in their profitability. We help our clients analyse and detect economic and financial problems. We are committed to finding the most appropriate solutions that are best suited to the realities and needs of the company in question.



Related topics:

  • Constitution, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and company transfers and liquidation
  • Project financing: investment feasibility study, obtaining grants and subsidies or other funding
  • Budget control management / Costs studies
  • Financial planning and management plans


Consulting and Business Management Accounting:

  • Company accounting
  • Preparation and submission of financial statements and records
  • Analytical accounting
  • Preparation and submission of annual accounts and financial reports
  • Economic reports

pruebas-periciales-verdeExpert and forensic evidence

We carry out different types of court reporting for our clients.

1. Forensic

We realise that services must be innovative to meet the needs of new realities. The continuous evolution of the sector in which we operate requires maximum flexibility. In this sense, Auditing has recently developed a new area of business, whose purpose is the preparation of evidence to present at court in cases of corporate conflict.


Ultimately it comes to looking for evidence to present and ratify in court in any field.


Our team of professionals provides specialised assistance with litigation, fraud, etc. in order to facilitate understanding and proper management of these situations:

  • Consulting and actions for the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud.
  • Reviews into compliance with regulations.
  • Review of accounts and contracts.
  • Preparation of expert evidence and advice for litigation or arbitration.
  • Conflict resolution including arbitration or mediating activities.
2. Financial report

The purpose of an Expert or Financial Report is to clarify judges’ doubts and serve as a support tool for lawyers as corroboration of the facts and evidence presented.

Expert evidence has especially helped judges in cases of unfair competition, white collar crime and litigation cases with tax components, termination of contracts, etc.


Types of Expert Reports

There can be various types and specialities of expert reports, we can prepare all those that deal with economic issues, such as:

  • To determine whether there are negative economic reasons for dismissal, Article 1 of Royal Decree 801/2011 of June 10, approving the Regulation of procedures for regulating employment and for administrative action in collective transfers.
  • To determine whether an administrator is responsible for a company when found in any of the situations legally described as dissolution, Article 363 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2010 of July 2, approving the revised text of the Corporations Act.
  • An Accounting Expert Report, when it comes to assessing an item in the Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss Accounts.
  • The calculation of “loss of earnings” or “consequential damages”.
  • Assessing the consequences of unlawful conduct of employees.
3. Arbitration expert reports

Arbitration is a procedure in which a dispute is submitted, by agreement between the parties, to an arbitrator who issues a decision on the dispute that is binding to both parties. In choosing arbitration, the parties opt for a private dispute resolution procedure instead of going before the courts.


Arbitration can only take place if both parties have agreed. The parties include an arbitration clause in the contract for the possible event that a future dispute arises from that contract. An existing dispute can be submitted to arbitration through a submission agreement between the parties. El arbitraje es un procedimiento por el cual se somete una controversia, por acuerdo de las partes, a un árbitro que dicta una decisión sobre la controversia que es obligatoria para las partes. Al escoger el arbitraje, las partes optan por un procedimiento privado de solución de controversias en lugar de acudir antes los tribunales.

4. Criminal responsibility

Criminal Liability of legal persons was first introduced into the Spanish legal system with Organic Law 5/2010.

In addition to their legal obligations, companies increasingly consider the implementation of crime prevention programmes as necessary and as a matter of good corporate governance and also to avoid damaging their reputation because of criminal conviction.


By implementing a properly designed crime prevention programme a company can ensure that they avoid:

  • Committing unknown crimes.
  • Indictment and conviction, with their consequent imposition of penalties and reputational damage.
  • Indictment and conviction of its directors.


We provide our clients with comprehensive advice for the implementation of crime prevention programmes in companies.


These programmes are designed to prevent unwittingly committing crimes, damage to the reputation of the company in case of criminal accusation and conviction, indictment and conviction of its directors and demonstrate the company’s commitment to fostering good corporate governance.

getsion-laboral-contableLabor Management

Advice, drafting and processing of labor contracts.

Advice on the removals and removals of workers before the General Treasury of the Social Security. Bonuses and reductions according to current regulations.

Social Security.

Compensation and payroll systems.

Terminations, dismissals and settlements.

Prevention of occupational hazards.

Processing of situations of temporary incapacity and accidents at work.

derecho-laboralLabor Law

Preparation and assistance of proceedings before the CMAC.

Defense before the Courts and Tribunals of the Social Order.

Drafting of sanctions and disciplinary dismissals.

Hiring of senior management.

Labor Audit.

Due Diligence.

Collective negotiation.

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